Sunday, November 1, 2009

...The Winner Is!!!!

My girl. Not only was she EXCITED about the can opener, she was the first to post a comment. Because of her utter excitement over the Swing-A-Way she did not post correctly . She never told us her favorite kitchen gadget which gave her another chance at being the GRAND PRIZE WINNER. And since she just sent me these pictures today and will be thrilled that I am posting ANOTHER picture of her, I am adding to the Swing-A-Way prize a $20 gift card to AMAZON. COM.

And if anyone deserves a gift card to Amazon it's our book blogger.

Stay tuned for the next December never know what will be added, changed or traded!!
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  1. Wow! How did I get SO lucky!!! Thank you...thank you! And you DON'T have to send me a gift card! Thanks for giving me a blog to check daily ....I love it....and PLEASE take my pictures down!!!
    -your devoted follower and newest swing-away convert.

  2. Oh my dear Christa,
    Thanks for being a blog follower. You make my day with your encouragement and friendship. Sometimes in the morning when I am tired from staying up late because I was reading one of the books you recommended that may be a different story!! Thanks for being my stand in sister!! Even if you didn't know you were!

  3. How did I miss this give-away? I received my Pioneer Woman cookbook over the weekend and I immediately started to read it. I love it SO much that I started reading it to Dan. He eventually said, "Wow, Jane, I think you married the wrong guy!" Which i didn't, of course. I guess I didn't realize how I was gushing over the Marlboro Man and their lifestyle. We would LOVE to live like that. Wouldn't everyone? And the chaps on a man...on MY man! Oh my gosh. Anyway......thank you, thank you, thank you! I will NEVER miss another chance at a give-away. It's too much fun when I'm the winner!!!!!