Monday, November 2, 2009

Prayers with Dinner

We have been the recipient of many a cooked dinner from wonderful people who know what really helps in hard situations. I don't know what it is about a dinner that I did not have any involvement in being the best food I have ever tasted. If someone drops off canned sauce lasagna, frozen garlic bread and wilty bagged salad and it is 5:00 and people are looking to me to sustain them my taste buds suddenly are not so picky. Often I have days when surviving is the name of the game. Enjoying what we are eating and surviving sometimes don't match up.

There is no better time to cook a meal for someone than when they are pregnant. The traditional time to bring a meal is after the baby is born which is always helpful. But if you want to really bring a pregnant women a gift than cook her dinner while she is in the most uncomfortable part of her fertile life. I have been pregnant a time or two and I know I would have loved a meal cooked for me from month 7 until month 9. Somehow when you are in the homestretch of baby manufacturing food is something you wish would just appear when necessary.

This week the girls and I are making a dinner for a Coast Guard wife who is pregnant with twins, on bed rest and has a 2 year old. Her husband has been out of town because his pregnant sister was killed in a car accident last week. What else do you do? Sometimes just a simple dinner will make a few moments easier to bear. That is my hope for this Coast Guard family.

Please pray for the families in San Diego that were involved in helo/C-130 crash. Pete was classmates with some of the guys and it is always hard on them. Hero's don't die...right?

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  1. Last night it was fried eggs with eggrolls, tonight's not looking much better. Mondays and Tuesdays are our late nights away. If we get together this week, it'll have to be Thursday, let me know.