Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pete's Look-A-Like...just less hair!

I may have mentioned that Pete and I were friends in High School but after he left for the Academy we lost touch for a little while. One day while I was home for the summer I was working in a Mexican Restaurant. I had a family sit in my section and I walked up and looked at my newly sat table and thought, "These people look familiar." After some small talk and a drink order I figured out I knew their son Pete who was at school. But who was this other cutie sitting at the table? I would soon find out this is the "other" Melnick boy.

After falling in love with Pete I promptly fell in love with this guy...Robby!

Pete and I had an interesting start to our marital bliss. After some good old fashion family drama my new brother-in-law looks at me, while standing in his room playing his x-box, and says "So, I guess you are my sister now." That sentence touched my heart and made me fall in love with yet another Melnick. This time with my new brother-in-law, a boy who has grown into a great man, wonderful Uncle and incrediable husband.

It's great to be a Melnick!
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  1. That's so great, Lisa! Aren't inlaws wonderful? I was just on the phone with Greg's mom and on Facebook with his brother, thinking how much I love being a Lockwood. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Miss you all so much. Hope you had a great thanksgiving. Safe travels on your way home. Now how can I become someone besides anonymous?

  3. I like being an in-law in Becky's family. It's fun to learn the crazy customs of a whole other family and then become welcomed into that family... I am working on getting Becky's family to appreciate Polish Christmas music (My favorite!... I listen to it year 'round on the iPod but force all to hear starting the day after Thanksgiving ... like this... and perhaps rope them into some Polish family customs this Christmas. :-)

  4. I finally figured it out so now I am officially a follower of your blog!