Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Favorite Yearbook Page

So, this really cute guy went to my High School. I was not really in his league. He was kind of a big deal. You know the kind of guy that all dads think, "Not a bad catch". He was the whole package, smart, athletic, good looking and fun to be with.

I became "good" friends with him but he ALWAYS had a girlfriend....

I had a crush on him. I like to think that he had a crush on me...but that is not how the story goes.

I do remember the day he signed my yearbook in 1992. He wrote the nicest things to me and I remember thinking I wish a guy like that would have me as his girlfriend. I got lucky 4 years later when he made me his wife.
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  1. Sweet post Lisa! Look forward to visiting the restaurant with you, but be warned, its a drive, we'll have to make a day of it. The pie was okay. I made it in a deep dish after reading the actual directions. I guess because I made it and there were several steps (I made the streusal topping this time), that I was sick of looking at it. I did make three desserts, the pie, the chocolate sheet cake of PW's and some apple dumplings. All were a hit. Look forward to seeing you next week sometime.

  2. So sweet. You guys are the cutest. Happy Thanksgiving!!


  3. p.s. I didn't intend to be anonymous but it wouldn't let me post with google??