Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just Getting My Hair Done!

I can't even begin to tell you the joy I feel when I wake up to this site. After an 8 hour drive with 5 little people who would prefer to be anywhere but strapped in a car, waking up to mom's rollers is a site for sore eyes.

My mom's getting ready ritual is the most complicated compilation of hair, body and make-up manipulation that anyone can imagine. After years of her trying to explain the process I am still completely mystified as to what all the steps are. All I know is, there are A LOT of steps and they each take a REALLY long time.

She tells me it all began when she was little girl and her Mama used to wash her hair in the sink. How the rest of her got clean, I am not sure (I will ask tomorrow). This tradition lasted into her teenage years with her doing her own hair washing, still in the sink. She then developed an aversion to wet hair touching her body. Each time I hear her say this I need to hear the rest of the story. She never has washed her hair standing up in the shower while naked....NEVER!!!! What???? She is not sure how people handle the decsion to wash their hair first, or their body?

This is the conversation that follows:

Adorable Mom Says: "Doesn't the soap from the hair then get all over your clean body, and then you have to rinse again and risk getting hair on your now fresh clean body?"

Hysterically Laughing Daughter: "Mom, all parts are now clean...they can touch and still remain clean. How have you never done this?"

I then ask her, "So what step are you on now with you standing here in rollers with your hair perfectly dry and your make-up on hugging Priscilla Mae?" She says to me, "I now get in the shower with my hair covered and the water never touches my face or hair." Hysterically Laughing Daughter's mouth drops to the floor just trying to imagine herself trying this manuaver and realizing her mother is an amazing woman with talent far exceeding her own.  Yes, I can make an OK pie crust, I can make some cute babies...showering without getting my face wet...can't be done!

I am telling you the amount of precise timing and body positioning that this ritual takes is so beautiful executed I am even more appreciative each time I see that smile, with or without her rollers.

Stay tuned for more great laughs when I explain how she makes her 1 hour english muffin breakfast...

p.s here is another thing I LOVE about being at my Mom and Dad's house. When you get your cereal, the bag you pour it from looks like it has been ironed. I am not joking. Who's opened cereal bag looks like this? I saw creases that even the manufacturer could not make. Everything matters to my mom. That's what makes her my mom!!

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  1. OK, I kid you not! I have a HUGE pile of dishes in my sink and laundry piled up fo' dayz, and yet, my cereal bags look just like this, clip and all. And then they go back into the perfectly opened, un-ripped box, where I "insert tab to close". Different strokes, I suppose. And Welcome Back!! Eager to hear more about your trip!

  2. I REALLY enjoyed reading this! I grew up with my mom washing my hair in the sink and she STILL washes hers there. It was only after reading this that I realized she has never washed her hair anywhere else. I don't think she's ever taken a shower, either. She takes bathes. And her cereal looks just like your mom's. She also rolls her hair in wire rollers every day. Have you ever seen them? I don't think you even buy them anymore. She probably bought them in 1940! I can't wait to ask her about these practices. You gotta love moms. I can't wait to see what Rachel blogs about me :-)