Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Begining of Comfort Food

Molly has a bum eye, she has a "lazy eye". Luckily her eye has not wondered. In finding out more about Molly's specific eye problem the Dr. explained that it should be called "lazy brain" because her eye is not shaped correctly therefore her brain stopped using it altogether. Her brain went "lazy" in regard to her right eye. We got glasses about 3 months ago with the hopes that her brain will wake up and use that eye again. After a 6 week check up we sadly discovered her eye has not improved at all. We bought 4 boxes of eye patches, got instructions to patch her eye every day for 2 hours, 4 on the weekends, and with that the torture began. The daily patching is extremely hard on this usual happy child. Tonight was really tough because Mama forgot until after dinner and little patches had to do 2 whole hours with no break.

So in an effort to comfort my tortured red headed pirate I offered to make a pie with her. What better way to pass the time than eat chocolate and peanut butter.

As we are making the pie I started thinking..this is comfort food. This is where it all begins. Something goes wrong, we feel sad and mom whips out her Kitchen Aid.

I started thinking about my comfort foods. My parents make the best chicken cutlets with homemade tomato gravy.  What do I do any time I need a little comfort, I immediately fry Italian breaded chicken in olive oil while a pot of gravy is on the stove, instant comfort. On a cozy Sunday my comfort food is more of  a roast beef with mashed potatoes and brown gravy. All is right with the world when I smell a roast in the oven.

So after a pretty tough day of fielding hard questions like, "Do blind people blink?", or "When you were little mama, did you sneak your Halloween candy after you went to your room?", and having to see Molly suffering with her patch I needed a little comfort food too!

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  1. Tell Molly that I had this condition as a child and it does go away, then about five years ago, age crept up and gave me glasses again.
    I want the tomato gravy recipe, today!

  2. I don't know if you remember William wearing the eye patch, but he was also around 6 when his "lazy eye" was diagnosed. He wore glasses for a couple of years but then, getting toward teenhood, didn't wear them. Recently he started complaining about his vision so we took him to the optometrist who said, basically, William was not using that left eye AT ALL. Now he wearing one contact lens and is seeing (ha!) some improvement. We joked that he should get a monacle--now, wouldn't that be "teenage cool"?

  3. I don't remember William with a patch. I feel so bad for Molly. She is tortured. She loves her glasses and looks really cute in them. But she can do without the patch.