Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Amazing Women

I can not be held accountable for what I blog tonight. I have been on a crying jag (as my mom would call it) and I know I am speaking purely from the heart. But calendar dates and Pete being out of town may be partially to blame for the emotion that is bubbling over. Pete really dodgged a bullet tonight (he usually loves my "emotional eruptions", for him it usually means a late night and a wet masacara stained t-shirt , for me, puffy eyes and a small heartache the next day.)

The bottom line is I am homesick. Maybe I should say I am Mom, Aunt Penny and sister-in-law sick (that can't be it..that sounds horrible..but you get the piont...right?)

The older I get the more I realize that we are ultimately shaped by the people in our lives. I have the great fortune of continually being shaped by these women in my family. I have amazing examples of selfless giving, patient understanding and extraordinary perseverance.

These women you see here do AMAZING things everyday. They look ordianary...but they are far from it. They are a gift and a treasure to each one of us in this family. They are part of so many peoples stories and I am so blessed to have them to teach me how to be a better woman.

They each make me proud to be a woman. They remind me of the wonderful job we have as women, to take care of everyone, even if it is at our own expense, even if it is not fun and even if we don't want to.
I Love You All!!

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  1. Lisa, I hope you're having a better day! You are always so cheerful and upbeat--it's okay to have a bad day now and then. Did you tell John that Priscilla is MINE? I'm still grateful to him for letting us crash at his apt. Such a nice man.

  2. Thanks Jane,

    I have to crash every now and again. Anytime I cry the girls play with my hair. I am all about the perks!