Thursday, November 12, 2009

All Kinds of Help

This is the breakfast Pete made me last Saturday morning. He is our breakfast chef extraordinaire. He also likes a good looking meal. On cozy mornings like this he pulls out all the stops and present me with a breakfast that I can sit and eat . As an extra bonus he always serves me my breakfast using cute dishes that he knows I love.

This is Jack and Lucy "helping" me last Friday do our chores . They love to spray and wipe...ANYTHING!!

This is Lucy helping me bake something that I would rather not mention. I was taking a picture of the unmentionable dough and she thought I wanted a closer picture of her "nunny". Very helpful!

This weekend I get to go visit my family in Florida and try to help. My cousin Catherine died this morning after a long battle with all kinds of cancer. All of my family in Florida has helped Catherine over the past few months, while I have been typically absent. I am going now to help support all those who helped Catherine die with grace. You might be asking yourself how a mom to 5 kids, 3 under the age of 3, no husband present can be helpful???? We can be EXTREMLY distracting. We are loud, busy and generally fun. And with all the heartache ,I know my family will need distraction (until they ask us to leave because sometimes distracting can be disruptive ).

My cousins little10 year old boy who lost his mother today is the one who needs the most help. I am not sure what to do for someone, 10 or not, who just lost his whole life. Amazingly, my brother and sister in law are going to finish raising Catherine's son Ben. My heart is full of gratitude and sadness all at the same time...

Please pray for Catherine and Ben and my brother for being a hero!

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  1. Well, Lisa, it appears you come from good stock. Have wonderful, difference-making trip.

  2. We will pray for your cousin's soul, her son and all your family. God bless you all and Godspeed.

    "Eternal rest grant unto Catherine, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her."

  3. Prayers continue for your family and especially for your cousin's young son. Be safe on your trip and I'll see you and all your little helpers soon!