Thursday, November 5, 2009

2 Things Are For Sure

Pete is home!! Yeah! And after all the hugs and kisses and "oh how I missed you after a 48 hour separation", 2 things are certain.
#1. There will be MORE laundry to deal with,

#2 The house will be dark.

Whenever Pete has a night flight, or class, or is out of town the house is well lit. I am able to go into a room, turn on a light, leave the room for a moment and return with the room still illuminated. When Pete is home I NEVER WALK INTO A LIT ROOM!!!

I thought it must just be a trait of a good husband wanting to take such good care of us financially that the thought of wasting power drove him to living in unusual darkness. But now I have a son. A little guy who is but 3 years old and he is constantly turning off the lights behind me. He will ask me, "Should I turn off this light mama?"

Amazed, I thought the overwhelming need to shut off all lights must be a dominant male gene. Something the good Lord programmed into men because He knew women like to have light in a room. God is all about balance.

Then I thought..power bills are a newer concept, one the Lord may not have been to focused on during Adams creation....

And then I realized I had spent plenty of time trying to figure out why I have to live in darkness when Pete and Jack are around...and I just flipped back on the light and laughed, glad to have Pete here to turn off the lights behind me because a well lit house is one where Pete is not home!

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  1. That is hilarious, Alan is the same way - I've talked to him about it and he say's it's b/c he dosen't like "big light" meaning he dosen't like overhead lighting, he says it makes him feel like a hospital. So we always have a cozy dim light feeling in our house when he's around; when all I want to do is walk into a room turn on the overhead light and actual be able to see something! :)

  2. I joke with Guy that he would do well to live in a cave, as much as he hates for lights to come on. When I'm around, if there's no natural sunlight coming in, there's plenty of watts used at our address. At our old house he was a fanatic also about keeping the blinds shut so people couldn't see in, which made it...darker. Now that only the deer can see in, its not so much a big deal. Like you said, God is smart...balance.

  3. Pete and I were laughing this morning at your stories. I had a snaeking suspision that I was not the only house that suffered from over darkened rooms!!

  4. Yikes, I must have gotten that gene... I'M the one around here keeping things dim. Hmmm, that didn't sound right, but you know what I mean. Greg would leave every light on all day and night if I didn't start clicking and flipping and turning them off. But I think I got that from my Grandpa. He always said, "Make the light out", whenever we left a room. What a great topic, and so glad Pete's back. Greg just got back on Wed night so I hear you, Lisa!

  5. Hi Lisa,

    I saw your sweet Pete this week in DC when I went to the conference to have dinner with Scott. It was so great to see him and he told me about your blog. I love seeing the pictures of your darling children and I'm most impressed by your ability to stay sane! You have always amazed me that way! I look forward to reading more about what's happening at your house. Take care!

    Kimberly (Powers)

  6. Hey Kimberly,
    Thanks for stopping by. Pete said he saw Scott in DC. Staying sane is not always in the "plan of the day"..but I try my best!