Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You Never Know

I only have 1 brother. I have always wished, hoped and pined away for a sister. Not because I do not love my brother..I do, but I just always wished I could have a girl best friend who had to love me.

My brother I had lots of fun when we were little. I do remember the pure joy I had when I was torturing him with my non stop chattering. My poor brother was tortured by me his whole life in lots of ways. He is the strong silent type whereas I am more the strong, laugh a lot, talk even more type.

People always ask Pete and I if we come from big familes.  Even though neither of us did we eventually decided we wanted lots of kids. I wanted to create what I wished I had when I was little. My grandmother had 10 children. My mom, Pete's Dad and Mom all were 1 of 4 and we thought it would be amazing to have all those people love you. 

Now I just wish I could have made a brother for Jack. I know Lucy thinks she is his brother. She thinks she is a boy some days, "I am a good boy too mama!" she will say as she takes off her shirt because Jack took off his. So when people ask me EVERYDAY, "Are you going to have anymore?" I just answer, " You never know."
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