Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's About the Heat Baby

There is a lot I want to do in my life. I want to learn Latin with my kids. I want to run a marathon by the time I die (it used to be by 30, then I decided why box myself in with a specific age). I want to go shopping and buy things without looking at the price tag. I want to make dinner and have everyone eat it!
Another thing I have always wanted to do is sautee garlic like they do on the cooking shows. All the garlic just bubbles in the oil staying a nice white color. I tend to brown my garlic a bit more than I should. I knew that was not the right way to do garlic but I have been too busy to think much about it .

This is the way my garlic usually looks. A bit more burned than sauteed! Well, no more. I refuse to ignore my short falling of garlic sauteeing . I want better for myself and the people I serve garlic to. So, today I practiced. I peeled several cloves of garlic, heated olive oil and practiced. I threw away several pans of browned garlic simliar to what you see here. I should have taken a shot of the final product..but I got to excited and forgot to take a picture. I definatley learned heat is the name of the game. Some of you may be thinking.."Duh". As you may have read before I am not a fan of being the #6 heat setting on my stovetop has always been my best friend. I am learning to include more friends, like 4 and sometimes 3. Heat is the key Lisa, and a little patience.
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  1. Lisa, I love the first pic of your kitchen. How about we do our PW cooking next week, I'm thinking maybe Wed but need to find a calendar. We can do it here and the kids can play outside. You can also help me deciding about my kitchen as Guy plans to re-do it-at some point. Love your blog!