Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick and Easy

Some days I get inspired to do something real hands on with all the kids. I think to myself, "It has been awhile since I have done a project with everyone. Today is as good a day as any!" So I pull out one of our history books that Emily has been going through this year and decide to do a "Fun Project", as the cover promises.

I need something quick, easy and did I say quick and easy? Flipping through all eyes were on me, they could sense something different was about to happen. I stumbled upon, "Making Butter"...project time 10-15 minutes, difficulty -"easy". Perfect. We like butter. I like easy and I think I may have done this when I was teaching 2nd grade in California many moons ago.

All I needed was :heavy cream, glass jar, marbles or clean rocks, some salt and man power. I had the cream, I had 1 glass jar, plenty of manpower..or so I thought! Marbles or clean rocks proved to be a short hold up...but after a 20 minute trip to the Dollar Store all supplies was accounted for.

We started our 10-15 minute project at 9:00. It was 9:45 and the cream was just being poured in child #1's jar. Meanwhile child #2 breaks her jar and has a small meltdown fearing her exclusion from the project because it had already taken 20 minutes to clean out the cherry jar that was now broken. No fear child #2, I have an old jar of jalapeno peppers I need to dump anyway. Horror came over the face of all 3 participants...butter in a pepper jar? After a 10 minute washing and a sniff test by all, child #2 was on her way to shaking the cream. She did not find this part as exciting as the book promised. Nevertheless, she labored through alerting me every 15 seconds her arms were tired of shaking. After several pep talks and a bit of irritation child #2 finally completed her shaking. Meanwhile child #4 has dumped a cup of ice on the dirt in the backyard where child #5 is now joyfully sucking dirt covered ice. A couple of shakes of salt, some rinsing of the butter and "Butter Making" was complete...at 11:00.

...all I can say is I am glad the advancement of our society is not dependant on me making butter.
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  1. I can't keep up...now I have to make butter! My mom used to make it in the country, she grew up on a farm, had cows, the whole thing. We had a churner growing up but it disappeared. I am free Thursday and Friday for fun. We need to cook something. I also thought about getting Guy to pull the tractor out and park it someplace for pics?? Gimme a call when you can.

  2. I laughed myself silly.....Lisa, I remember as a young child, trying to make whipped cream, and whipping just a little too long, and ending up with butter! Not a good outcome!