Friday, October 23, 2009

Counting The Minutes!

Pete and I dated while he was at the Coast Guard Academy. During those very fun years I would fly up to New London once a month to see him on the weekends. I remember how excited I would get for those trips. As soon as one ended I was counting the minutes until the next one.

I would get to see him Friday night after school and then watch him play football on Saturday. All the while I was imaging, and hoping, that maybe he would want to marry me when all this star quarterback business was over. I have to admit the whole uniform officer bit was pretty attractive to me.

Somehow during that very fun time in or lives I got him to fall in love with me. He asked me to marry him on March 15th 1996!

How I got this lucky, I will never know.

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  1. Lisa, you have the most amazing blog of any I have ever followed! Your posts are so enjoyable, the photos are wonderful, even the pictures of butter! Pumpkins! everything! And it is nice to see that Christa is featured! She DOES read a lot, and now Claire is following in her footsteps!
    Love you Lisa, Aunt Patty