Monday, October 19, 2009

One of My Favorite Things

I am continuously amazed at my mother's handwriting. She has the most beautiful handwriting. Each time it is someones birthday I know I will get to see a little piece of her in her handwriting. I told her recently that I thought she had amazing handwriting and she proudly told me she won a handwriting award in her grammer school. She then runs to her room and finds the award certificate and her grade school handwriting book to show me.
I am not sure which part is my favorite about that recent memory, the fact that she was excited about my compliment or the fact that she has still has her certificate and her practice book, all in perfect condition.
In a time where people hand write less and less I have noticed more and more the different styles people have and the different impressions I get when I see peoples handwriting . You see, my mom is such a gentle, patient person. She is the heart and warmth of our family. She is home. And when I see her handwriting I see all of that in her curved lines and slanted letters.
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  1. Love the post. The store I mentioned is Coldwater Creek. They have a catalog too and you have probably heard of them. They are situated behind Atlanta Bread Co on Dauphin Street, accross from Springhill Hospital, in a little strip mall of specialty stores like Gymboree and Talbot's. I do not frequent these places often but it's nice when I can!