Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Boys!

After we had Molly we left San Diego and moved to Sitka Alaska. Molly was a good baby and we thought we were done with our family. The thought of having more than 2 kids never really dawned on us. Not because we were opposed, I don't think, we just had never really allowed ourselves to think past 2 people.

After several conversations and some pretty fun nights I convinced Pete we needed to have another baby. After several months of trying we finally turned a stick pink. I was thrilled!! The baby was due Christmas Eve 2005. Being pregnant is never fun for me, but we were so excited.

At 20 weeks I started having really bad back pain. I just thought I was getting older and this baby was just sitting weird or something. The pain went on for several days. I was not sure if I was contracting but I went to the hospital anyway. The monitor told me I was not back home I went. The next morning there was a little bit of blood. I knew something was wrong. We had friends keep the girls and Pete and I went to the hospital. By this time I was not feeling well at all. I was not sure what was happening. The docs were not sure either. All the monitors were saying I was not contracting. I since have discovered, 4 babies later, I rarely will show contractions on ANY monitor! They decided to keep me over night anyway.

Pete had to go home to be with the girls. About 8:00 at night things got REALLY bad. I was in such pain and I was not sure what was happening. All of a sudden at about 5:00 in the morning I passed out with no more pain. I woke up about 2 hours later thinking all was well with the baby and myself. The nurse came in and said that about 5:00 in the morning my water broke.

Right away I knew there was no more baby being born Christmas Eve. We had to deliver the baby and being 20 weeks old the baby did not survive. Later on we found out that I had a uterine infection that caused me to go into labor. The baby was fine... I was the problem. The best part of this story is 4 weeks later I got pregnant with Jack!! I had lost a boy the last time and now I was getting another one!! Without us loosing baby Joey...we would never have Jack...and maybe not even have our Lucy!
We were all meant to be together!
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  1. Thats awesome Lisa yopu have to teach jack to yell ROLLLL TIDE!!!!!