Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thanksgiving GIVE-A-WAY!!

I know you all are pretty sick of hearing about this pie. Please allow me this one final moment with my pie. Because I have grown very attached to the deserved admiration of this particular pie, I suffered a weak moment this afternoon during lunch. While I was slaving over a bag of hot dogs that were being nuked in the microwave, my brilliant 8 yr. old came in the kitchen sniffin' around for some previews of what was being served to both her and her court for their mid-day meal. When she saw the disappointing plate of hot dogs and carrots she made a risky move and said, "Mama, you know what I have been thinking about all day? Your amazing pie with that buttery flaky crust. Do you think we could have some with our lunch?" All I heard was buttery and flaky and before I knew it, I was slicing pie for lunch.

I know you all are looking at that lunch with a small wave of disgust and are probably asking yourself, "pie with hot dogs?" At least I threw in the carrot for some nutritional value, right?!? Another thing I can bet on, is that you are looking at my can opener and thinking to yourself, "Where can I get one of those babies ?"
Well, I am glad you asked...
This is the world's best can opener. I can promise you that. I have owned and ruined lots of these handy devices. In the past I have been at a crucial cooking moment and the one thing that stands between me and certain culinary perfection is an un-opened can. Un-opened because the can opener failed me. Well, I can safely sy that I no longer suffer from such crisis. Pete, being a genuine rescue hero, bought our family a SWING-A-WAY CAN OPENER!! And my life has not been the same ever since.

Yes, I know it's not that pretty. It has no vibrant colors and no graphite blades. It is not that ergonomic either. But boy oh boy can it crack a can open. Plus, the little darling is made in the States with good old fashioned Pittsburgh steel.

Lets face it, a reliable kitchen gadget can really make a girl smile! And since it is almost November and we will all be opening a lot of cans, I am giving AWAY a Swing-a-way Can Opener for the month of November. I will be sending the lucky winner their very own brand new can opener (not the one from this photo).

"How do I win?", you ask...well keep reading kemosabe...

I LOVE this silly little Blog of mine and I love reading any comments you have. I wish more people would I sound like I am begging??

Anyway, if you want to be able to open a can with ease and satisfaction this Thanksgiving, please leave a comment in the comment section telling me about the one kitchen tool you can not live without.

The give-a-way ends on Sunday. Please play along. Enter a comment and begin a life of "can opening ease" soon!

Here is my own comment:


I LOVE your blog. Since I am you and I can not win the give-a-way I still wanted to leave a comment because I know you love them. My favorite kitchen tool this last month, besides my Swing-A-Way, is my kitchen scissors. A friend turned me onto to them when we were recently eating pizza at her house. She whipped out her kitchen scissors and cut pizza for her hungry tots quicker than I thought possible. I did not need to see another thing. I bought myself a pair the next day and have been happily cutting all sorts of things into bite size pieces, waffles, sausage, pb&j sandwich's, bananas, cheese, name it and I can cut it with these remarkable scissors.


...and let the most frustrated can-opening chef win!!!!

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  1. I want to win....I never win anything....please let me win!
    Here are some comments:
    1. I can't believe you made home-made pie. Can you fed -ex it as a giveaway?
    2. Your interview was hilarious (the one with yourself)
    3. You should post some videos...let Emily be a family reporter, etc (this is just because I want to see your kids again and the video is my next best option.
    4. Why is my picture front and center everytime I log onto your blog...please hide it....
    5. I hope I win!

  2. Ok, I'll give it a shot... while I also LOVE my kitchen shears, my very fave gadget is my fave for a few different reasons.
    1. It was my mom & dad's for many moons. I think they may have gotten it as a wedding or shower gift back in 1965.
    2. It's kind of fragile and has to be handwashed, so it commands a certain respect, y'know?
    3. It's something my husband never even saw before we were married, so there's a novelty effect there, and also a tiny urge for me to keep justifying it by using it daily.

    Yes, that's quite a bit of build-up for a measly cheese slicer, but there ya go. It's a T-shaped slicer with a wire and a "wheel", it's made of really old aluminum so it gets funky if you put it in the dishwasher. We eat a lot of cheese and use it almost every day.

    PS: Love your blog, Lisa. Thanks for sharing and for your honesty. BTW, I already have a lovely spongy-handled ergonomic can opener that could never be replaced.

  3. Ok that is so funny! Remember when you were teaching me how to make sauce? I was complaining about your can opener and I said "you need to get a swing-a-way" please do not put me in this give a way; my cousins own swing-a-way (this is my 15 mins or seconds of fame!) we have one. LOL glad you finally got one!!

  4. Okay this LOOKS like one of my can openers-we have back up, reinforcement can openers and it does swing away so maybe I have one, but if I do, it does give me grief sometimes or MAYBE its because most cans come already warped or dented, making opening a can impossible. Maybe still my opener has personality disorder and just likes to be fickle about what it opens. Enough nonsense? Thought so! My favorite kitchen gadget is the wine opener, ha ha...really it's my stainless steel measuring cups with handles that I use to measure precise flour, scoop up nuts from a container or catch meaty juicy drippings to pile on my mashed potatoes!

  5. Congratulations on the pie, Lisa! I agree there is little more satisfying in life than turning out a great looking and great tasting pie.

    My kids use the same psychology on me that Emily used on you to get the pie. If there's something they want but think I might perhaps refuse an outright request, they'll say, "I don't think you would let me have . . . " I don't know what it is about that approach, but it rarely fails to get me to give whatever it is they want. Maybe I just like to prove everyone wrong, even my kids, in what they think about me!

    Kitchen gadgets . . . four come to mind that I use many times every day:
    1. wooden spoon
    2. wire wisk
    3. rubber scraper
    4. chopping knife

    One more that I really like, but don't use everyday is my Microplane zester/grater. It is the best thing for zesting lemons and grating parmesan cheese.

    I don't need another can opener though (now if you want to give away a chef's knife, I could really use one of those :) )

  6. my favorite kitchen utensil was my grandmas gravy maker. It was a metal spiral attached to a metal handle. It wiggled and wobbled as I whisked flour into butter, and poured milk in to make gravy. I had it for 30 years, and I always thought of my grandma, standing at the stove humming, as she made the Sunday dinner feast. With all 4 of us little girls hovering about in our matching dresses with the sashes. It makes me smile now, just reliving the memories...and remembering my grandma Selleck.

  7. Ok, I DO have the swing away can opener, actually I have two of them and although I've had them since I was an embryo and it looks like I used it to free someone from a car accident, tonight I opened ten cans of tuna with one and not a problem was had...great can opener!

  8. Sorry...I didn't follow the rules...
    I think the kitchen gadget I can't live without is my cheese slicer...boring, I know.