Friday, October 16, 2009

I Homeschool Because I Am Selfish

I have been asked by so many people , "Why do you Homeschool?" There are so many reasons I could answer but mostly people want the cliff note version. I have tried to develop a canned answer so I can sound witty and prepared each time the question comes up. Mind you, the question mostly comes up in the checkout stand of a grocery store after I have exhausted every ones patience for the last hour.

Each time I walk away from said grocery checkout person I wish I would have remembered to say.....whatever it is I forgot. Then I get in the car and I am the one asking myself, "Why are you homeschooling? I did not see to many other moms in that store with ALL of her children."

Then I remember. I Homeschool because I am selfish. I want to relearn all that I missed the first time in school. I want to get to spend this short time of my life with these little people and get the best part of their day, not the leftovers. I want to be the one to teach them to read. I want to be the one who helps them figure out multiplication. I want to be the one to help them learn about our amazing Catholic faith. I want to raise people who later in life I want to spend time with . I want to pass on MY morals and MY values to them. I want to be the most important person in their world for as long as they will have me. I want to kiss boo-boos and mend broken hearts. I want them to know and love each other. I want them to know that serving others is part of life. I want them to see me struggle and see God's grace as He picks me up. I want them to have hours to read. I want them to learn and love poetry.

I try to not make everything about me. Old habits die hard!

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  1. Happy birthday Emily....I love you so much, and am so proud of you, thank you so much for all your help when I was visiting....

  2. Very well stated, Lisa. I love the poetry too. I am so amazed at what huge passages children can memorize (so why can't they remember what's on the chore chart??).