Thursday, October 22, 2009

Home Is Where Your Story Begins

This has always been my favorite sign. I got this sign from a friend in Alaska. She eventually taught me how to make wooden signs and I made several. Some I kept and some I gave away. However, this has always been my favorite one. When packing up from Church Street I could not bear to be without those words, so the sign came with me.

The first time I read those words "Home is Where Your Story Begins" it gave me a lump in my throat. It was the first time I thought of my life and my family in that manner. I am a part of a story! I am a part of several peoples story! This story is ongoing and constantly unfolding.

Not only am I a part of the story in this moment, but for many moments to come. I am part of my Great-grandmother's story, and even though I never met her she is a part of my story. My mother, even though I do not see her as much as I wish, is a part of my story everyday. She started my story and now I get to finish it. When I think of my day to day life in those terms, being part of a bigger story, I feel so Blessed to part of the story God has placed me in. What an honor!

Every day is a new start to the story. How is the story going to go today? Some days I would like to have a preview of what's to come, just to see if I would like to excuse myself from that particular part of the story. So far no luck there!

Moving, having babies, making new friends; all makes up our own particular story. Some parts are so fun we would like to relive over and over. Some parts of the story are so painful we would love to skip completely. The greatest gift is God's grace that ties it all together, the good, the bad, the painful , to make up our story. How is this particular part of my story going to go God? Am I going to like the ending?

All I know is the best part of living happens while your waiting to get to the end of the story.
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  1. lis we still have the two that you made for us hanging in our house one in the kitchen and the other is above the entry way into the kitchen infact i think there are on exact opposite sides of the wall hmmmm...

  2. I still want you to show me how to do this, as you know, I'll supply enough wood for the two of us!