Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Greatest Gift I Never Asked For

I remember when her stick turned pink. I was extremly tired for about a week. I had a 3 month old so I did not think much of it. One afternoon I had to run out to get some milk. Pete happened to be home so I got to go with just my baby Jack! I walked into Lakeside Grocery store in Sitka Alaska. To get to the back of the store where the milk was I walked straight down the first aisle, which happened to be the first aid aisle. And then it hit me!! I saw the PG tests and I knew at that moment that God had called my number again. As I was holding my infant I put the box on the checkout counter, of course forgetting the milk. The clerk just looked at me and whispered, "Really?" I replied, "Maybe."

My heart was promptly in my throat!! What do you mean pregnant when I have a three month old? I am still nursing, my body has not even regained proper function for this sort of outcome. I am sure Pete heard the deep pounding of my heart before he even heard the car pull up, crunching rocks on our gravel driveway.

"Hi Babe. Just have to go potty, can you hold the baby?" I ran to the bathroom, to afraid to even voice my hunch. I preformed the required contribution and even before the stick turned pink I knew the answer. TEARS, is all I can say. I guess I should clarify...lots of tears!!

Pete came in shortly after I entered. A mom in a bathroom alone is cause for alarm around our house. He just looked at me and knew right away. He just SMILED. "How fun is this going to be? This is so great! We are officially on our way to a big family." I needed him to say those things and really mean them. I needed him to feel it enough for both of us. I did want a big family, and typically I like things to move along at a good clip...but when I am the one MAKING A HUMAN, I could have used another minute of two.

After giving birth I decided I needed a little refresher course in Natural Family Planning. As I was reading I came upon some statistics about fertility and nursing. It seems that the chance of me conceiving Lucy before I ever got my period back within the 1st 3 months of nursing was 6%. That means that I had 94% chance of never conceiving Lucy. She was meant to be here. I was meant to be her mom .

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  1. I love your pesto.I like the way you make
    apple pie so yummy.Thanks for making silla
    so happy and cute.Love your oldest daughter,


  2. Love the post, we are separated at birth. When the triplets were nine months old I found out I was pregnant with Sarah. I did my pg test in much the same way and when I presented the stick to Guy he said what I needed him to say - as tears are streaming down my face- "wow, that's wonderful!". Eliz was three, by the way. Eight months later I had five kids in car seats and four of them in diapers. Just like you though, I got through it!

  3. Hey lisa tell everyone uncle rob and aunt lauren said hi and we love them

  4. Great post, Lisa! You are right, too. YOU were meant to be her mom. And a fantastic one you are. Both of you are blessed.

  5. My fourth was the same way - I had a 23 month old and 10 month old twins. Looking at the charts, there was no way I should be pregnant. Yet here she was. When she was born, I also had four babies in diapers (for almost a year!), and shortly after, I had 5, then 6, and now 7 little ones to love. 7 kids, the oldest just turned 10, and I'm only 31! God has an amazing way of opening your heart. :)