Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Night Laughs

"Hey Pete, how does my foundation look?" I innocently ask while driving 5 loud kids around.

Pete looks at me with horror, and with all seriousness replies, "I do not know what that means. That is like me showing you an aircraft and asking what the drag coefficient would be. I simply do not understand that language."

...enough said!
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  1. That is hilarious! Sometime last winter, I asked that very same question of my family waiting for me in the van to go to Mass. The reason I asked was because I didn't think I looked quite right, but since I only put on make-up once a week, I wasn't sure if I was just seeing myself differently.

    Immediately, my kids yell, "Mom what did you do to your face?!" Joe said, "Uh, Honey, we can wait while you go wash your face."

    Not only do I wear make-up infrequently, I rarely buy any. I have heard, and ignored, the advice to replace old make-up every six (or is it three?) months, but I can't bear to throw out useable goods so my make-up gets a VERY long shelf life.

    But my foundation reached the end of its useful life between Sundays this time and turned my face a good 5 (10?) shades darker. From one angle, I thought I looked like I just got a really nice tan--but compared to the rest of my white skin, I have to admit, I looked a little freakish.

  2. I had a similiar "freakish" moment 2 years ago at the Mardi Gras Ball..can you say much fake tan??

  3. Stop! You guys are making milk shoot out of my nose!!!