Saturday, October 10, 2009

Drool, Drool beautiful Drool

I really knew nothing about babies eight years ago. I am still collecting data.

As soon as I think I may have made an advancement in my baby knowledge another baby comes along to remind me of how little I know.

One thing I absolutely KNOW is babies drool. Some more than others, but drool is apart of the tooth making process that none of us can avoid.

This summer I had my sweet college age cousin come and stay with us for 1 month. Something I hope she does not regret. After a few days of on the job training I heard her say to her own mom, "Priscilla is like a slug, she leaves a trail of slime wherever she goes." At least she will know more than I did when she starts out.
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  1. lis this blog thing is cool i check it almost everyday to keep up with the fam

  2. great post Lisa, keep em coming!

  3. My goddaughter is adorable no matter how much drool she puts out! In fact, I think she could pass as one of my own with that blond hair and blue eyes. Look out, Lisa, I just might nab her!