Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can You Love More Than One Man, Or Want To Be More Than One Thing?

Meet Mick. Oh my, I am in love. Pete knows all about it and he understands.  You see this horse was made for me to fall in love with. He is so beautiful I wish I were the fly's who surrounded him just so we could get to know each other. I think he would like me more than the flies.

This is Blondie, and of course Emily is in love too. She has been riding for about 3 weeks and is doing great. I am not sure if she has a future with the Central Park Mounted Police force yet, nevertheless she can trot, canter and post. Which is more than I can say for her mother.

I do watch the girls and think to myself, "I want to ride a horse.  How can I get horseback riding lessons?" I am sure there is a way to strap a few babies on me while I learn how to have the correct posture in the saddle. The funny thing is whatever the girls are doing I always think I wish I could do it too. Last year they were in ballet. When we went to the nutcracker to watch Emily I could not help myself from imagining me up on the stage in a tu-tu. And then I stopped the thought. Even I did not want to picture 9 month preganant me in a tu-tu. Some dreams are better left unimagined.

I think owning a horse would be so cool.  I have always wanted to own a worn out, dark leather cool pair of cowboy boots. Who hasn't dreamed of being able to wear a cowboy hat without people giggling? It's all about the outfit.


When Pete and I first got married, did I really want to learn to snowboard, or did I just want the cute snowboard clothes?  When my friend got pregnant and was getting all new maternity clothes did I really want to have a baby, or just new clothes?  You decide!

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