Monday, October 12, 2009

Buckets of Fun!

Emily is about to be eight. We had her first sleepover this weekend. It was a small affair, just 2 of her friends. I did not really plan to have the sleepover this weekend, but it just worked out. I remember my first sleepover party. We stayed up and told weird and scary stories and my cousin filled brown bags with various food items to go along with the creepy stories. For example, 2 olives were the eyes of the know good creepy fun stuff.

I pulled myself together and threw her a pretty fun last minute party. Complete with a fun craft that I thought you all might want to try. It is super easy, super cute and super CHEAP!! I ran to the paint store and bought empty paint buckets. They cost about $1.40 each.

After we got our paint buckets I took the girls to the craft store and let them pick out 2 pieces of 12x12 paper. Paper usually runs 50 cents a sheet. I admit I had to help with coordination a little, but overall they got the picture. I was a little hard to get them to understand there can be too many flowers and too much pink. After we worked out the paper picking we then went to the ribbon section and each girl picked out 3 spools of ribbon in coordinating colors. Ribbon can be the tricky spot in the budget. The ribbon I bought was all 1.50 a spool. I could get carried away with ribbon but to stay cost friendly a little control was used in purchasing the ribbon. And just to let you know I always throw in a black ribbon . I just can't help my attraction to black things, clothes, shoes, tops, coats, ribbons, paint, furniture...the list is endless.

Here is the easy assembly directions. You fold your pattern paper in half and cut into 2 pieces. You fold your solid paper in half and cut into 2 pieces. You only use one of those pieces, fold in half again and cut into 2 more pieces. The solid strip of paper has to fit around the side thing that holds the handle, so at each end cut a 1/2 circle and fit around the handle piece.

 I used scrapbook adhesive to adhere the paper to the bucket. Then take your pattern paper and slap in on the bottom half. Now, take your ribbon and cut 3-4 inch pieces and knot around the handle. Then sit back and think to your self how amazing you are that you made this adorable bucket that you have nothing to do with now!!

Here are the ones we made.  Guess who made the Halloween one?

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  1. Great idea. This would also be a fun (and cheap) Easter basket idea when you have, say, a bunch of kids.