Saturday, October 3, 2009

And The Winner Is....

Jessica!! Jessica and I met here in Mobile 2 years ago. It was love at first sight. I know a good gal when I meet one. It is not easy being friends with me, but somehow Jessica has managed to hang in there. Here are some highlights of being my friend:

1. You can never finish a sentence without me saying, "Jack, no interrupting and please talk kindly."
2. If I say I will be at your pool at 3:00- just count me in for 3:30.
3. Whenever you hang out with me there is usually poop involved somehow.

Another lucky winner this week is Pete's mom. She was awarded a week's "vacation" at the relaxing Melnick House. After enduring a week with us she is ready to get back to the tranquil pace of being an ER nurse.

Thanks to everyone who posted online or e-mailed me. My thoughts go to Robby since he is probably distraught over the loss of the chance to own a new cookbook. No worries Robby, Christmas is around the corner.

Ultimately, I am the biggest winner. This handsome guy is home and doing pretty good. Just having him back in any form is great!!

Stay tuned for MORE give-a-ways!
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  1. all I have to say is I am somewhat jealous that you have 12 followers and have only been blogging fora week, and I've been blogging for, ummmm almost 2years and I have 4. I better start giving things away - love ya girl!

  2. OK, I am such an alert reader that I just KNOW that picture of Molly and Pete on the rocks is in Sitka! :)
    So glad you are all back in one spot. It's hard to be apart, just doesn't seem right.
    Thanks for sparing time for such and enjoyable blog!