Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Else Can I Say, This Is Fun!!

My kids have no trouble having fun. They enjoy life and never wonder who might be looking. My Molly will dance and sing just about anywhere. I am sure you have already gathered that Lucy will have fun anywhere, anytime and at any one's expense.

I also have no trouble having fun. Lots of things are fun for me. I have fun when everyone gets into the car without crying. I have fun when someone says, "Mom, can I take Priscilla upstairs while you make dinner?" I have fun when Pete says, "Let's have pizza for dinner." I have fun when I can talk on the phone without putting someone in the corner. I have fun when I can shower alone, or do anything in the bathroom alone.

Having fun for my kids usually involves water especially since we live in Alabama and it is still summer here. It is HOT!! It has been hot since last summer which means we have a lot of water fun. I should clarify, my kids have a lot of fun with water. Even though I am constantly hearing, "Mama come in the water and play, this is so fun" I do not get wet. I stopped getting wet a long time ago. I especially hate getting wet in public. This is not fun to me. I mentioned what was fun up above. Notice no mention of being wet in public.

Who knows if my girls will ever feel this way. As for now, they love every drippy minute!

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  1. Love the pictures - was the one with Molly taken with the new lens???? Love the Bokeh in it!!! (I think that's how it is spelled) P.S. I am getting more and more addicted to blogging!