Thursday, September 24, 2009

There Is Not Much an M&M Can't Fix Around Here

Here are some facts. I have been pregnant 7 times. I have 5 kids. I homeschool. I have potty trained 3 people and still have 2 more to go. It takes me 30 minutes to blow dry my hair. I bribe my kids with M&m's!! There, I said it, the Melnick secret is out. I pay my children to do things and get results with M&M's. I used to think my kids would do things because they loved me and were greatful for all the sacraficing I was doing. NO! They just love M&M's .
My children are not the only ones who need M&M's. Mamma needs a good handful a couple times of day too. For example, we were trying to go to our Homeschool co-op early Wednesday morning. While getting the baby ready the house had a scary peace to it. I was sticken with fear, as any mother would be. Where is Lucy? Lucy thought she would pitch in and finish up some dishes before we left. I headed right for the M&M's.
If I had less experience with bribery of children I might be sad to think I had to offer 4 M&M's to get my son to kiss me. I know there is a saying "The hand the rocks the cradle rules the world". In this house it's more like "The hand that is handing out M&M's rules the world".
And believe it or not, this sweet face is the one who commands the most M&M's. And now that she is older we have had to up the anty a bit. She is no longer willing to do things for 4 M&M's. Sometimes I miss the days when I could solve all her hurts with some M&M's.
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