Friday, September 25, 2009

My Quest for Pie Crust

Now that I am officially a mom I decided I needed to learn a couple of things that I somehow missed in my pre-mom era. One of those things is to make my own pie crust. I am not sure where the urge came from since I do not like pie. I know the most common job of a pie crust is to hold together fruit pies and I have never been a fan of hot fruit. Nevertheless, I decided this mom needed to learn to make a pie crust.

It took me awhile to even know where to begin. Then it became crystal clear. I needed a brand new Kitchen Aid Mixer. How else would I make a homemade pie crust without a $300 mixer. Pete promptly reminded me pie crusts were being made long before Kitchen Aids. After a few promises of homemade cherry pie I got a Kitchen Aid. I had wanted one for about 4 years. When our storage unit caught on fire we lost almost all our kitchen gadgets. So, out of our tragedy and with my new inspiration, I got a new Kitchen Aid Mixer. Bring on the pies!

It takes an additional week to assemble the ingredients. That's how things go around here. I want to make a pie and it takes about 3 weeks for all preperations to be complete. I search all over the internet for a yummy sounding pie recipe. And for someone who doesn't like pie this was a challenge. I finally settle on a recipe from .

I wait all day. I get the kids in bed. I finish cleaning up the kitchen. I pull out my ingedients. I give my Kitchen Aid a pep talk because I want this to be the beginning of a long and fun relationship. I open up the web page to the recipe. I start reading and I realize this recipe does not want you to use a Kitchen Aid mixer. All you need is crisco, flour, salt and a pastry cutter. Guess what? I have no pastry cutter. Bottom line..after all my preperation to make the perfect pie crust with the machine I had been dreaming of for years turns out I did not need. Oh well, now I just get to search for the perfect pastry cutter.
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  1. Oh, Lisa! I'm glad you got the Kitchen Aid, but wish you would have called me about the pie crust! Until you get a pastry cutter, which is an inexpensive and simple tool you can easily acquire, you can use a fork. What you're looking for is the Crisco to be reduced to pea-size pieces. Then add ICE-COLD water, and err on the side of less or you won't be able to roll out the gloppy mess.

    There's much more that can go into a pie crust than fruit. I bet you would have loved the French Chocolate pie I made last Sunday--let me know if you want the recipe. I don't know if your kids would go for this, but we like "pot pies" which is just pie crust filled with chicken stew.

    Now, about your Kitchen Aid--the best use for that is bread. You won't need to buy bread at the grocery store ever again.

    BTW, I am really enjoying your blog.