Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just Another Saturday

After we got home from my favorite antique store I was inspired. Usually when I am inspired we all end up very tired. However, we had this red book shelf for a very long time. I took it with me when we moved from Church Street (more on that later) because I needed a bookshelf for all the homeschooling books. Fast foward...our storage unit catches on fire and we loose everything!!! This red bookshelf was with us and not this is the closest thing to a family heirloom.
Unfortunately, I am over the red. I decided to paint it while the kids were sleeping. Pete always gets nervous because even though I do most of it myself I always need help and the help usually involves him hitting his shins and stepping on Barbie shoes while lifting heavy pieces of furniture during a UF/Tenn game...thanks babe!
This puppy took like 500 coats of paint and some back breaking upside down painting. I finished before the game did, so Pete heaved it back inside and I got to work on part 2 of my inspired project....

Arranging the adorable bookshelf that can no longer hold books because it is to cute. Looks like I need another bookshelf!
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