Monday, September 28, 2009

Jello Never Tasted So Good

What a long day. Pete is doing good. Poor guy is tough as nails. Me, on the other hand, NOT so tough. I have been to the hospital before for surgury. I have given birth to 6 people. Pete was not so lucky, he gave birth to a ruptured useless intestinal side item. At least when I am laid up in agony for days after surgury I get to take home a really cute parting gift that promises to keep me up at night. So far the best thing he has gotten since his surgury has been orange jello!

And, of course some really great artwork to spruce up his less than glamorous surroundings.

What we have both learned through this whole process is Pete really drew the short straw when it comes to having a wife that is an able caretaker. Let's put it this way, it's a good thing I do not have to watch me giving birth. I do a good job capturing moments that some would love to forget. But watch an IV go in, or a band aid being taken off, no thank you. We all have our gifts, healthcare is not mine.

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  1. We thought of Pete this weekend as we were watching Deadliest Catch. Of course, we're watching several seasons ago, on scratchy old VHS tapes sent from my mom in Ohio, mind you. But there was an episode of a helicopter rescue out near Dutch Harbor and we thought of Pete up there flying and doing his incredible, courageous thing. How horrible to hear the hero is down for a while. We will pray you'll all be back to normal soon! Hugs all around!