Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Married the High School Star Quarterback!!

Pete and I go way back, we went to High School together. We did not date in High School but I did have a crush on him. How could you not? Since those early days of big hair and late nights we have been married for about 14 years depending on when you begin the counting.

He had to go to San Francisco this morning on a 2 day trip, no big deal. The thing is, I miss this boy whenever he walks out the door. I still have a HUGE crush on him. When the phone rings in the middle of the day I get excited when it's him. When his car is unexpectedly in the driveway my tummy does a little flip.

You see Pete is a celebrity around here. We all adore him! Whenever anyone pays me a compliment I always think that half the credit goes to this guy. He has made me a better person. I could not be the mom I am without him being the man he is. And he makes cute babies!

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